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The Shift to Immersive Interactive Annual Report

Own your Interactive Annual Report to create your story, impress your stakeholders and be the heart of a brighter future.

For decades, companies have been assembling stats and figures, listing Board Members, working on profit and loss reports and printing their annual report. For most of them, the annual report is considered as the most important publication of the year due to its major importance of reporting and providing an overview of their financial and governance achievement. However, for some time now, the business world is giving more importance to the environment and is at the same time using this energy to find strategic and reasonable approaches to be eco-friendly.

Thereby in 2019, we came up with the idea of offering a creative digital, eco-friendly solution to businesses, to communicate financial indicators and highlighting their triumph by providing functionality, customisability, and smooth and paperless communication of their annual report. Which is where the Interactive Annual Report comes in.

Understanding Interactive Annual Report

Nowadays, the annual report is experiencing a profound transformation on the Web. In its broadest sense, the Interactive Annual Report (also known as the digital annual report or online annual report) is a printed annual report that has made the leap to interactive online experiences. It is no more an endless mass of text and tables that are placed on a blank sheet, ready to print and shared to stakeholders and financially involved shareholders. Having your annual report online leads to effective ways to create exciting features, such as adding multimedia, interactive tables, charts and even personalised call to actions. The annual report is now becoming a digital online entity carefully planned, dynamic, animated, colourful and lively.

Many conglomerates around the world have either partly or fully switched from the printed annual report to the interactive one, in order to present their annual performance and company information in a convincing and interesting way. However, our research has shown that most local businesses still use the traditional printed annual reports, as well as the PDF one, while others don't even communicate, publish or have updated annual reports on their website.

But now, it’s time for our local businesses to have their annual reports made the leap to online and more significantly, interactive experiences.
This is no more a requirement to have an official printed version of the report to be distributed among staff or stakeholders. Nevertheless, it is still significant that the staff feel involved in the progress of the organisation. Sharing with them the success or challenges can be beneficial for keeping them connected to the brand.

Why Choose Interactive?

An ever-increasing number of businesses are using their Interactive Annual Report as a device to communicate about their visions and services. Not only can the report provide the essential financial and planning information, but it can be a place to show off a little. Big brands are now using the Interactive Annual Report to showcase their innovation in a range of areas, from construction to cosmetics, from financial services to the food so on. It can also serve to charm clients, solidify stakeholder support and likewise be an advertising tool.

The Eco-Friendly Side

While there is no abundance of eco-friendly business models, an Interactive Annual Report pushes your firm closer to the clean and green model. It can give you reserve funds in financial and environmental terms. The obvious environmental benefits of reducing unnecessary print, binding and plastic use are something which organisations likewise esteem.

The benefits in their simplest words:

From a Stakeholder / Investor/ Board Member Perspective:

  • Accessibility: your target audience such as staff, stakeholders and shareholders can easily and instantly access to your annual report while searching for it in their browser or via a shareable link redirecting to it.
  • Portable: it can be consumed anywhere and anytime either on a laptop or mobile device.
  • Searchability: all your information is readily available in a few clicks using the search function.
  • Readability: it is more likely to read with animated and interactive content.
  • Rich media: it can include video, photo and audio content.
  • Engagement: interactive content creates engaging audiences.

From an Organisation Perspective:

  • Longer shelf life: it lives longer online rather than printed one.
  • Call to action: it can include personalised call to action button to get people to interact.
  • Fully customisable: you can own your adaptable and personalised design, add colours and rich media content.
  • Time and cost effective: it takes less time to be produced and is cheaper than the printed one as you will not have to produce in mass as you will own your own domain.
  • Reach a wider audience: you can fully target a wider audience.
  • More impact: positive brand image and operational returns.
  • Responsive by default: adaptable to mobile and desktop.
  • Great balance of text and visuals: you can combine your specific text and visual while giving a balance to the content.
  • Unique web address: you can likewise modify access to various zones of the report and keep up a more prominent degree of control of your own information.

Take advantage of Interactivity, Use Dynamic Features and be Mobile-Friendly.

The Internet is often considered to be more than a playground. Nowadays, the audience really expects that all information is well-designed, easy to read and mobile-friendly.

We use animations and infographics to communicate complex ideas representing multiple data sources such as financial statements in a visually appealing way to keep your audience’s eyes moving around the page, visualised numerical data and draw their attention to important content. We also use dynamic features such as infographics, interactive tables and charts to keep you engaged, personalised call to actions to create engagement and motion graphics and audios to create more amazing interactive content, rather than using long, block text articles.

Another incredible aspect regarding Interactive Annual Report is that you can promptly find the area of the report you are searching for, using a simple search function. The potential for more of your report being read by more individuals is much greater than a straightforward printed version.

Thanks to our professional and experienced team, the mobile version of your Interactive Annual Report can be adjustable, adaptable and designed independently so that you can reach the widest possible audience with the mobile version as engaging as the office. Each part of your annual report should be carefully weighed against the ability of a mobile user and a desktop user to interact with it.

Helping our clients to be environmentally conscious.

While an Interactive Annual Report requires a higher skill level to craft, it yields benefits exponentially in these important ways. There’s no better time to think about going digital for your annual report than today. Nova Interaction Ltd is here to help you shift your audience from print to digital with the help of the proxy form.

Let's meet to show you the different packages and prices that we offer. We would be grateful to serve your company.

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